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BCP Chat™

Intelligent Omni-Channel
Messaging Platform

For 10 years, BCP has been the leader in customer engagement with Overnight BDC. Now, our 24/7/365 staffed BDC is stepping out of email and onto your website with live chat! Ensure you are getting your message to the right customer on the right platform at the right moment.

BCP Chat by Better Car People (BCP)

Live Chat Agents Keep Your Doors Open

BCP knows that the magic of engagement comes when you mix cutting-edge AI with Real Automotive Agents. We ensure your customers get the experience they deserve and the information they need.

BCP Chat Agent for Better Car People (BCP)
Calendar for BCP Chat by Better Car People (BCP)

Set Appointments Seamlessly

BCP Chat sets appointments for Sales and Service, and then neatly delivers them to your OSS and CRM.

All the Results Without the Fluff

Our Chat Solution focuses on doing one thing and one thing well--setting more appointments for your dealership.

Agent Setting Appointments with BCP Chat by Better Car People (BCP)
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Overnight BDC™

Don’t rely on an automated response that ignores customer questions. 45% of your leads come in after-hours. These customers deserve better engagement!

Ready for 24/7/365 Engagement?   

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Virtual BDC™

Stop dialing for dollars and start having conversations. We engage with your customers, set appointments, and get more opportunities into your dealership.

Contact More Customers  

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BCP Outbound™

Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

Create More Opportunities  


Let us show you how BCP can improve your leads and sales funnel.