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Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Optimize Your Service Marketing

October 24, 2020 By BCP Editorial

As October closes out and we head into November, it is almost impossible to believe we are still working within the confines of the “New Normal” that the pandemic has placed upon us. One positive...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Strategy Customer Engagement Driving Growth

Automotive Playbook: 2020 and Beyond

August 13, 2020 By BCP Editorial
As our industry starts to normalize, how have you adjusted to reach your customers and engage consistently? Here is the playbook for post-covid 2020 and beyond.
Automotive Marketing Strategy Customer Engagement

How COVID-19 Changed Process and Messaging

August 4, 2020 By BCP Editorial
Process and messaging has changed since March, but how are you conveying that to customers? Here are four simple and effective ways to let customers know how you are adapting.
Automotive Marketing Strategy Better Appointments Customer Engagement

Things Can Only Get Better: 80's Music, 2020, and Customer Engagement

July 13, 2020 By BCP Editorial
2020 has faced us with unprecedented challenges at the dealership and in the auto industry as a whole. From social distancing to complete shutdowns, to pent-up demand with waning inventory, we have we...
Strategy Customer Engagement Sales Tricks Leadership Advice

Virtual Selling: 3 Part Series

July 1, 2020 By BCP Editorial
Looking for actionable tools to not only grow, but master virtual selling? Click on the podcasts below. It will be time well spent!
Automotive Industry Strategy Customer Engagement

Three Components of Customer Engagement that You May be Missing.

June 18, 2020 By BCP Editorial
We are now in a place of transition, of re-norming, and of accepting and adapting new ways to communicate, engage with, and create relationships with consumers. How are you taking advantage of it?
Strategy Customer Engagement Driving Growth Leadership Advice

Quarantine Selling: Why Chat is more valuable than ever

April 21, 2020 By Matthew Belk
During social distancing and country-wide quarantines, we need to get strategic and creative on how we can connect with and sell to our automotive customer.


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