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Let Real People Answer Your Customers’ Real Questions.

As automotive experts, we’ve adapted to the technological changes within dealerships in the last two decades. Since 1999, CEO Matthew Belk has pushed the automotive industry through the rise of the internet and, with it, internet sales. We provide solutions for sales and service BDCs, internet lead responses, and training to get the most out of every dollar a dealership spends.

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Overnight BDC™

Hyper-Targeted Email Response

Don’t rely on an automated response that ignores customer questions. 45% of your leads come in after-hours. These customers deserve better engagement!

Ready for 24/7/365 Engagement?  


Virtual BDC™

Convert Online Leads Into In-Store Appointments

Stop dialing for dollars and start having conversations with your customers. We engage with your customers, set appointments, and get more opportunities into your dealership.

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BCP Outbound™

Your Lowest Priority is Our Only Priority

Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

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DMN Response™

Generate More Revenue From Your Onstar Leads

Over 30% of GM dealers already use DMN Response, leading to over 2 million appointments being created. DMN leads are always coming in, and we can help you engage with them.

Get More Appointments  


Active DMN™

Looking to Get Even More From Your DMN Leads?

As an extension of your service department, we call those who haven't engaged with our self-service, DMNresponse email notification. We schedule appointments while we have them on the phone.

Supercharge Your DMN  


Available Add-ons

Super-charge your BCP solutions and give you access to
the full omni-channel approach with your customers


BCP Chat™

For 10 years, BCP has been the leader in customer engagement with Overnight BDC. Now, our 24/7/365 staffed BDC is stepping out of email and onto your website with live chat!

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Let us show you how BCP can improve your leads and sales funnel.